How to Recover from Negative Event Feedbacks

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as 100% customer satisfaction, and chances are that you’ll almost always going to be facing that one client who feels the need to make his discontent known. This is why you need to be prepared to receive negative feedbacks and learn how to make the most of those critiques. Your responses to those unsatisfied clients will make all the differences, and ultimately will influence how customers perceive your business. Hence, it is important to learn how to deal with negative feedbacks.



The most important thing when receiving negative feedbacks is to remain perfectly calm. Always try to hear the person out, even if you find his/her complaint outrageous and you feel the urge to tell him how wrong he is to talk to you in that manner. Never raise your voice, and respond in a courteous way. In that sense, your angry customer will settle down, lower his voice, and automatically calm himself down. Plus, he/she will have no complaint about your behaviour.

Secondly, try and understand his/her side of the story. In that sense, you can be more sympathetic toward his/ her point of view. Often, people just want to feel like there are being heard and listened. Picture this: People will give you negative feedbacks because they care enough about your event and your work to take the time and offer you their view. Hearing them out will allow you to do better next time, and not reproduce the same mistakes twice! Always look on the bright side, this is an opportunity for you to strengthen your image and to grow wiser.



When you receive negative feedback, do not ignore them, rather take it as an opportunity for you to learn. Always respond to your negative feedbacks in person, via email or on social media. What you shouldn’t do is delete a negative comment or block the angry customer. This is just burying the issue, and it doesn’t really show you care about the problem. Always let the person know that you will be happy to discuss his/her complaint further and that you are happy to listen what he/she have to say.

Always follow up with positive questions, such as ” is there anything else I can do for you? or Do you have any other problems I can assist you with? This will show your customer that you took this matter seriously and that you are more than willing to help him have a better experience next time he/she chooses your service.

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When responding to negative feedbacks, you should, most of the time try and come up with a solution. Maybe you could offer that customer a part refund or a discount next time he/she will work with you. Always try and understand what went wrong, apologise and guarantee your customer that this will not be happening again. Of course, your response will depend on the nature of the event, but as we always say, the customer is king. If you wish to continue working with that person, you should make him feel valuable, and appreciated.

I hope you did find the answers you have been looking for!

Much love ❤️



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