Meet George, Photographer @Hiroes

Today, we had the chance to meet George, our amazingly talented photographer on Hiroes. He has been with us since he arrived in London, and we couldn’t be happier! In this interview, George tells us about his background, his work and what drove him to specialise in wedding photography. Even though he prefers to be behind a camera than in front of it, he shared with us his most precious moments working as a wedding photographer. You can book George through our website, and see more of his work here.


Hi George! can you tell us who you are?

Yeah! I am a photographer, I am from Greece, I am based in London. I shoot weddings and everything that has to do with couples, engagements, and families.

What makes photography enjoyable for you?

Well, I like to shoot people, and especially I like to shoot moments. The most important thing for me when I shoot is to see and catch moments. That is very interesting to my eyes. It might be a moment when a bride sees for the first time the groom, or when the mother holds her daughter before the wedding. This is very interesting and precious moments that I like to capture.

How has your experience been on Hiroes?

My experience with Hiroes is very good. I’ve had several bookings, the clients can send me a message and I can book them in, very quick and easy. I have a very nice memory with a client. The couple just got married and they went out from the Town Hall, and then the groom instantly, without thinking, started running. It was a very nice and beautiful park. He started running and the bride followed him. So I saw this thing and I just took a picture. It was very nice.

Any other good memory?

It was a honeymoon, the couple got married. They came to Santorini for their honeymoon and they had an umbrella with them, so I took the umbrella and I throw it to them, and took a picture of that moment, with the umbrella just flying above them.

What’s your speciality and why?

I like to photograph weddings and I like to travel, so I like to combine travelling and photo shooting. I shoot in different areas, in different locations like Paris, Athens, Santorini, Greek Islands. I like to photograph people and couples because I have to do with feelings and emotions which is very nice. I have the need to communicate with people. So this is my way of communicating with people and capture some of their special moments. I try to make the best photos of every couple.

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