The Best Table Settings for your Event

The tables setting at your event is one of the most important decors when hosting a seated dinner/lunch party.  Attendees will be spending a lot of time on their chair, in front of their plates, noticing the ornament of the tables. Hence, your primary goal is to dazzle your guests with such amazing adornments, that they will leave your party thinking it was the most beautiful and thoughtful event they have ever been to. In this article, I will (hopefully) provide you with incredible and innovative decorations ideas for your next seated event! 

Eyes wide open… and prepare to be mind blown 😎


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The Queen of Hearts’ Table


A beautiful all-in-red table that will amaze your guests with its originality and vibrant colours. Seating at this table will give you the impression of dining with the Queen of Hearts in her castle. Watch out for Nivens McTwisp and its ticking clock, you could soon find yourself chasing him down the rabbit hole

The Spring Centerpiece


As winter is fastly approaching, or may already feel like it is here, (Addressing myself to you, my fellow Londoners who are freezing to death in those cold English mornings.) Why not give your table a cheerful spring touch with a navy, white and yellow table setting, accompanied by an exquisite tulip and lemon bouquet. Recreating a Spring alike atmosphere will almost certainly put a smile on all of your guest faces.

The Thanksgiving Table 


Thanksgiving is a tradition that must be celebrated. You reunite with your family or coworkers to celebrate the harvests and blessings of the year. It is that time of the year where you are allowed to stuff yourself with turkey, mash potatoes and pumpkin pie. What a great day! But if you are in charge of organising that dinner, it can quickly escalate from super exciting to horrifying. All the pressure rests on your shoulder and the stress kicks in. but with that amazing Thanksgiving table decoration, be sure to mind-blow each and every one of your guests!

The Masked ball Table


This dinner setting table is perfect for any celebrations! Whether you are organising a private cocktail dinner party, New year Eve or any other themed event, those golden glasses and stripped cutleries will make a long-lasting impression on your attendees! Themed parties are always a great way to break the ice and add a little spice to your event!

The Black and White Table


Black and White themed party will never get outrated… for the simple reason that it reflects chic, elegant and smart party dinners. Plus, it is easy to set. Find some black napkins, white cutleries and black and white flowers and… Voila! that’s all there is to it!

The Single Valentine’s Day Table


Valentine’s day does not have to be all sad and miserable for all the single people out there. We are all in this together! Organising a dinner for Valentine’s day with your coworkers, friends or your beloved cat is a way of celebrating what an awesome, strong and independent person you are. This lovely dinner setting will fill your heart with warmth and comfort, especially while surrounded by those lovely people you wanted to share this moment with.


Christmas Party Table


Christmas party dinners are a must. You have succeeded in making it to another year, and it is important to celebrate your achievements or your overcomes of what life did put you through. This Christmas table setting is everything that we wished for, and will set the mood just right for any given occasion!

I hope you’ll find great inspiration for your next seated event! 💋






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