How to Increase Event Engagements Before and During your Event?

No matter how hard you try to mastermind the perfect event, you won’t have the results you wished for without fully engaged attendees. This is the trickiest part. How to attract people to your event? and how to ensure a full participation from their end? Our goal is to provide you with the best insights on how to maximise engagements at your next event to guarantee full success and awareness of your business.


1) The pre-event stage

If you engage your audience well before the event, they can start networking and building a community before they even step foot in your venue. This is a way of ensuring a full audience engagement at your venue.  The goal here is to create a real sense of community amongst your future guests, in order to allow them to have a sense of what your event will be about.

To do that, you will have to create a strong online presence for your event. Use social media to launch and announce your event. You can use a strong hashtag and create an event group on Facebook or Linkdln as an instance so that attendees can start discussing and connecting with each other. Don’t forget to use a widget to make those social media posts visible on your event website. Think about creating strong content to share with all of your future guests, that way, you can create a community by engaging in conversations. You want to trigger them. Focus on the benefits of attending, and be sure to share some information about the preparations for the event so that you can start building up the excitement. Talk with your attendees, reply to their questions and concerns, try and establish a personal relationship with each and every one of your guests. That way, they will feel appreciated and will definitely want to attend your event!


2) Use technology to personalize each attendees experience

Registration for your event shouldn’t just be a basic formality. Try and make it a vital process of gathering well-thought-out information about your guests and their aspirations regarding your event. Trust me, this is an extremely important process as you will be able to use that later for personalized follow-up. You should always make feel your guest that their presence will be noticed and valued. Tell them how important it is for them to attend and why. How it will benefit them, rather than you? To do that, you can, as an instance, send personalized messages and special thank-you notes for each of your attendees who confirmed their presence at your event.


3) Know Your attendees

Before greeting your guests at your event, it is important to understand your audience, and where they are coming from. By knowing everything you can about your future guests, you can prepare yourself better, ultimately maximising engagement at your event. You need to know what company they are coming from, their position in the company, the role of the company, and how you can help them. By understanding this and preparing for all types of attendees’ needs, you can make the event relevant, fun, and interesting for your audience. When an event is fun and interesting, attendees will want to interact with anything and everything in front of them.


4) Work the room

By organising the room strategically, you can encourage peak levels of audience engagement and audience networking. The best way to do that is to create an environment that makes interaction inevitable. Round tables, or rows facing each other, usually gives a community feel and lets no one fade into anonymity. Your venue setting needs to encourage conversations, not discourage it.  Think about the fact that your event is likely to be pictured and even filmed by your guests or/and a professional. Additional lighting will usually be required, so do not neglect decorations and the settings of your venue.


Events are a critical component of any brand’s marketing strategy – and their success depends entirely on audience engagement. In Today’s world, event organisers have more opportunities than ever before to engage with their audience and enhance event experiences online, before, during and after their event. Increasing audience engagement will allow your event to grow faster, and to gain in popularity quicker.

We wish you all the best! 💋

The Hiroes team.



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