6 Tips to Avoid the most Common Event Planning Mistakes

Hi there! You wonderful event planner!

I bet you are super thrilled about that upcoming event you are planning to organise! You should be! I am sure it will be one to remember!

But wait… Did you forget something? Do you have a plan B if the band you hired cancel on the day of the event? and what if the speaker calls in sick? Did you prepare yourself for every little thing to go fantastically wrong for your big  D-day?

Sometimes, we tend to overlook those little details. We plan everything and hope for the best. But most of the time, our prayers go unnoticed, and we found ourselves in complete chaos. This is why I have gathered, especially for you, my dearest amazing event planners, my top tips to avoid the most common event planning mistakes.

Do not forget to take note people!

You can thank me later ☺️



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Mistake n°1 – Not having a Plan B 


Having a contingency plan is a must for any event planner. Instead of rushing blindly into your event and hoping for the best, you should always, ALWAYS have a backup plan. Think of any potential bad surprises and ask yourself what you’ll do if they happen. Have a recorded playlist in case your orchestra bails on you at the last minute, come up with a plan for any no-show or cancellation. Think about the extra frozen food that should always be kept in the freezer in case of emergency, or always have a list of vendors that could come in handy. In other words, prepare for the worst case scenario and you will get through your event without having a heart attack.

Mistake n°2 – Not Planning for Setup on the Day


Now that you have thought everything through, INCLUDING your plan B, you need to think about the setup of the event. You need to know the venue like the palm of your hand. Is there a lift? where are the emergency exits? where is the main entry? the main exit? is the location of the kitchen convenient enough?  Is there a stage? when and how will the artists access it? and so on. Know how much time you will need for the setups and you should always find time in your busy schedule to do a dry run before the start of the event. Have as many vendors and waiters show up and walk through the setup steps by steps. This way, everyone will know just what to expect, what obstacles might turn up and what to do in place and in time.

Mistake n°3 – Not Having Enough Help on Event Day


When it comes to hiring staff, the more the better. The cost of your event might be a bit higher but it will save it for sure. Picture this: an hour-long queue for ordering a drink at the bar because the barman is overwhelmed by the number of people who wishes to get a glass of champagne, not enough waiters during lunch/dinner time to serve/clean up the plates so everyone ends up eating their dishes cold, a line of frustrated cars waiting to enter the parking lot while parking attendants frantically try to keep up. Anyhow, you get the picture. The more help you’ll have, the better and stress-free your event will be. You can sacrifice that photobooth for extra help, and I can guarantee you that your guests will be happier and more impress by a better service from your end.

Mistake n°4 – Miscalculating the Size of the Event


ALWAYS think about mishaps guests and plus one. Alleged the fact that some of your guests will bring their partner, wife/husband or children and forget to mention itUnexpected twists are part of our daily lives, so you need to be well aware and prepared for when they pop up. You want to make sure the size of the venue is adequate for the number of guests, but you also want to ensure the guest list is adequate for the venue. The best thing to do is to confirm the guest list a couple of weeks before the event, but if you’re unsure of how many guests will actually attend, make sure you pick a venue that offers options for different group sizes and vendors who offer flexible services according to the final guest list.

Mistake n°5 – Not Confirming with Vendors


Stay organised. However, it does nothing for you at the time of the event when you realize the vendor is a no-showConfirm with each and every vendor not once, but twice to ensure yourself that they are 100% committed to your event. You can do that by conducting a follow-up specifically to make sure that your event is still on their calendar. Send an email or make a quick call to hear how things are progressing and whether there’s anything you can do from your side. You might come across as a bit pushy, but that’s better than finding yourself with a complete empty venue.

Mistake n°6 – Losing Sight of what you’re Trying to Achieve


It is common reactions to get overwhelmed as the event approach, and losing track of the real purpose and your principal goals and achievements for this event. However, you should always remind yourself to keep your head above water so you don’t deprioritise the activities that are most fundamental for that big d-day. Every event goal has specific ‘key success factors’ that will make or break your event. What’s the most important thing you want to achieve from this event? Always bear that question in mind and try not to go off track.

I hope that those little tips will help you achieve that magical event you’ve dreamed of!

Best of luck to you 💋



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