The 7 Most Innovative Trends in Events Marketing

We live in a world dominated by technology. In a recent time, the event industry has strongly held hands with technologies to improve audience engagement and increase the business. However, it is often difficult to keep pace with all the new marketing techniques that are emerging each and every day, and if you fail to keep track with the changes and developments of the latest event technologies, it may lead to a setback for your company in a fast profit-generating event industry. Using these new technologies and techniques can take your industry to a whole new level.

Hence, in our time, it is crucial for every event industry to adapt and conform to these technologies and techniques. It is important to know what all the industries prevail in the market that will benefit your purpose of trending your event and engage the audience.



Over the past few years, Chatbots Virtual reality help agents have taken over some rather sensitive jobs, such as counseling by offering help, support, and companionship to the ones in need. in effect, chatbots are like live chats that you may see on many websites,  in the sense that they’re live in real-time, just not with a live person, but a robot. For example, BizBash designed Betty for its event website, Facebook Messenger, and SMS. MEX Frankfurt designed Frank for its website and Messenger. The goal for Frank was to extend the engagement window leading up to the event by answering general questions about Wi-Fi, parking, transportation, registration, etc., with instant responses available anytime, anywhere.  Eventually, all consumer and industry brands will use Chatbots chat platforms to engage their audiences, and as new technologies evolve, evolves, they will be able to provide more customized information to the individual user.


Virtual Reality Booth 

You can make your next party, conference, or event unforgettable by adding a virtual reality booth! Virtual Reality Booths uses the latest technology to deliver a total immersion experience for all of your guests. With an interactive experience, and the ability to create a fully customised environment, you will be able to impress your guests, as well as creating a magical moment for them! This is an opportunity to showcase your brand in a totally unique way. This will guarantee success and a total mind-blowing event for all of your visitors! More info.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things, also commonly known as IoT is the name given to the interconnectivity between objects via a wireless network. It is about connecting devices over the internet and letting them talk to us. It has the potential to turn any object into a “smart” object, from refrigerators to wine bottles! The IoT brings a whole new world of countless possibilities for your next event. Imagine a venue that can self-adapt its temperature in relation to the number of guests inside of it, or a microphone that would gently remind people that it is time to regain their seats because the food is about to be served.The new rule for the future is going to be, “Anything that can be connected will be connected.” Learn more.


Wearable Technology

Wearable technologies like smartwatches or Circret bracelet are the new way to communicate with clients. It is an unusual and appealing way for Event planners to make guests and attendees lives a bit easier. You can use this new revolutionary technology as admission tickets, as a GPS system to allow people to find out where your event is taking place, as an inbox to send important messages and  so on. Basically, it is like using your own smartphone but in an innovative and creative way to attract more customers and make your event more engaging.


Live Streaming 

Building off of the successes of an event-hosted live streaming and the introduction of social media based live streaming has given way to what is known as “crowd streaming.” We no longer need expensive equipments to broadcast an event or share it with our friends. Social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram will allow your guests to share their experience with their social media friends. Hence, as obvious as it can sound, do not forget to have WIFI at your event. It will allow people to connect freely and easily. This will generate a great traffic and increase your business awareness!

0517_FB_Analysis.jpg Wisembly and Wiseembly are two new innovative apps which allows better interactions amongst your audience. With a simple click, your crowd will be able to ask any questions they wishes, sending them to the main board. People will be able to comment and like the questions while staying anonymous if they wishes to do so. This will allow a better participation within your crowd, and make people feel more confident about stepping in and asking questions.




Catchbox is the World’s First Soft Throwable Microphone that will permits your audience to engage in a fun and entertaining way during your event! This new technology will guarantee to enhance participation! be sure that your guests will definitely want to come back again soon just to throw that microphone up in the air.





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