Meet Nicola & Izaac @ Hiroes

The Best Party Venue in London


Last week, we had the pleasure to meet Nicola & Izaac in their incredible Large Music Studio. Nicola & Izaac’s venue has been on Hiroes for 1 year now, and we wanted to know more about that amazing party venue space, as well as on those two lovely people that are making it available to rent, and spreading the love amongst party lovers.

“Great Space with incredible vibes!”




Hi Nic and Izaac! can you tell us who you are?

Nicola “Well Izaak and I make music together. Our name is Earthboogie. We make kind of afro wild dance music, and we make the music here, out of the control room, which is a space that we use with friends and friends of friends and with Hiroes to allow people to enjoy music and dancing in an artistic environment.”

Can you tell us more about this venue?

Izaak “So it’s a music studio. But a lot of music studios I’ve worked in before have felt really dead. Because we’re making music here we needed something that was going to make us want to make music, to feel like we wanted to make music.”

Nicola ” It’s an environment for creativity and that’s why we think that when people will come here, it feels like you’re at a house party or in a music studio and it makes people relax. It’s a venue where people come to dance. We’ve got a quadrophonic sound system, there’s a speaker in each corner. Wherever you stand in the room, you get sound wherever you are.” Movement is like being in something and just being kind of actually forgetting about it, it’s like meditation, you forget about it and you just dance. you know like “Oh my god I’m really just in my own groove” and that’s actually what we have noticed happens to people here. It’s a really therapeutic space and we like having people here because it gives a good energy afterward, especially if people really enjoyed it.

Can you tell us about your experience on Hiroes?

Nicola ” We had a really good experience, it’s been really amazing with communication and the way that the process works it’s so structured, there’s a clear form of information before people come, you have security if you need it, everything is ensured, we really enjoy it. We had an event recently, with a guy called Charlie, and he had art everywhere and everyone was so great it was like meeting a whole bunch of new friends and they even asked me to come and play for a bit so I ended up playing some records on the night. It was just like a really enjoyable evening, so yeah I really enjoyed working with Hiroes!

Thank you, Nic & Izaak for this enthralling interview! 

You can book Nicola’s Large Music Studio right here!

See you soon on Hiroes 💋

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