8 Small Moments Worth Celebrating in Life

Learning how to appreciate the little things in life is not an easy task. We rather complain about our jobs and our bosses than value what’s really important. Special moments worth celebrating come in all shapes and sizes, but we often tend to neglect them like they were worthless. Birthdays, anniversaries, job promotions, graduations, passing an exam, losing a tooth or finding that neckless you thought was lost forever are moments that should be treasured and celebrated!

To help you remember how life is a succession of small blessings, we have selected 8 small moments that should always be cherished and celebrated.


I always tend to ignore mine, or just don’t acknowledge it. But as I have come to realise, Birthdays are a celebration of your life, of your own personal journey, everything that you have come to accomplish and surpass from Day 1. Hence, Birthdays should always be celebrated!



Graduations are an accomplishment of a big part of your life. You have successfully spent a few years studying and working towards that Diploma. The day has finally arrived. You are Graduating. You did not lose hope, you did not quit, you did not let yourself down. You succeeded. Success is something that should always be celebrated. Congratulations!



A new job position

This one’s a bit of a basic one, but we always tend to forget to celebrate that big news. Congratulations on your new offer! You should be proud of yourself. You have come a long way for this new job position and you have every reason to celebrate it. Share the news with your loved ones, embrace this new opportunity and most importantly, give yourself plenty of gratitude, you deserve it!



Quitting your job 

Yes, this is also a moment in your life that is worth celebrating. Let’s see it that way. You have finally realised how miserable and unhappy your job made you feel, that you barely had any time with your loved ones, that you want to take a break and explore the world, and so on. All of those reasons made you finally stood for yourself. You found the courage to tell your boss how much you hated the way he treated you, and that no ones deserve that. Congratulations! your new life is starting now! Take that scary jump, and start living.




Celebrating anniversaries can seem a bit underrated, but it is such an important way to show your love to that special someone. We can never show it or say it too much, and we tend to take our partner for granted because we do not feel the need to show our love and appreciation anymore. It doesn’t matter if you have been with your partner for 1 year or 25 years, if you love that person, you should always remind her/him by celebrating the first time you felt that love blemish inside of you.




A newborn is always an occasion to celebrate. A new soul entered the world. What a magical moment don’t you think? This little thing that has been growing inside of a women’s belly for 9 months is finally out and ready to march this life. I would even argue that this is all that matters. She/He has been given the gift of life and this is something that worth every stars in the sky.



Small achievements 

Life is such a beautiful thing, but we tend to look down and ignore every bit of what is going on around us. When we take a moment away from our computer screens and cell phones and look at the miracles happening around us, we can’t help but want to celebrate, am I right? The small things we take for granted are really big things. How often do we celebrate the joys of life? Celebrate the fact that you acquire that new apartment, or that today, you helped someone that was in need, or maybe you have finally found that ring you have been looking for ages or you finally decided to get that gym membership. No matter what the achievement is, everything that leads to a brighter day is worth celebrating.


Celebrate either way 

Even if you cannot find any particular occasion for you to organise an event with your friends and family, what is stopping you from throwing a big party or a little gathering? Life is something that should be celebrated in every possible way with the people you share it with. Do not wait patiently for an excuse and watch life passes you by… Instead, pick up your phone, call as many people as you want and tell them about that great idea you had about organising an event to celebrate…well…this life we have been living.


Hiroes is always happy to help you create unforgettable memories. We believe that small bits of your life like those moments are worth celebrating and shouldn’t be ignored. Hence, we make our mission to guarantee you the best event you’ll ever host.

And please, do not forget, ” life is a celebration, live out loud, live out now” N.S

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