How to Control your Wedding Costs?

Weddings are supposed to be the greatest day of your life. You have finally found that special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you want to make that day an unforgettable one! Don’t you?

However, planning a Wedding can get expensive, really expensive! We all know that… But it shouldn’t stop you from having the best time of your life! In this article, we will provide you with some of the best tricks to avoid that “getting out of hand” money spending, so you can have the wedding of your dreams, and still be comfortable with your Budget.



Write Down your budget

It sounds so obvious, doesn’t it? But actually, it is often overlooked because of how simple it is. However, this is where we’re wrong. We always tend to forget what we want to buy or what we already have. Hence, it is difficult to keep track of all those wedding expenses. The more we forget, de more the budget will escalate and the more rapidly we will find ourselves crawling under a nightmare of depts. 

To avoid that horrid situation, our advise to you is to create a Wedding Budget Planner and put EVERY single thing in it. Now you will have the possibility to have an overview on all of your expenses and have a better control over your spendings.

A good way to keep track of costs is to use some online app such as Bride book or Hitched, where you can create your own personalized Wedding Budget Planner and control your spendings at all times.



What do you really need

First of all, remember this Mantra I don’t need everything to have an amazing Wedding ” Think about what you really want, and whats important, instead of wanting the same princes’ wedding you have seen on Pinterest or Youtube. Think about what is really important here, you want to get married to the most loving person on earth, surrounded by the most important people in your life. This is what matters, not the popcorn machine or the photobooth. Avoid all of those unnecessary expenses, and focus on your choice of Venue, Musician, Catering, and Photographer. These are the most important for a successful wedding.

Hiroes does a pretty awesome job at providing you with those services for an awesome price. Learn more.


Get creative

No need to follow the traditional wedding anymore, it is time for a bit of change and innovation!  Consider renting one venue for the whole wedding instead of two, think about serving more fun and low budget food like a BBQ or Huge Pizzas, which will cost you nothing while mesmerizing your guests with your incredible imagination skills. You or your friends can be in charge of the main entertainment by organizing a little show. Plus, it is not imperative to have a live band or a DJ. Why not create your own music playlist? Ask your friends for good recommendations, and be your own DJ! Find a venue that allows you to bring your own alcohol so that you will save a considerable amount of money as the venue won’t charge you for that. You don’t need no professionals to have an amazing wedding, just use your creativity!


When should you consider getting married? 

Avoid Saturday at all costs. This is the most expensive day in the week to get married, but booking on a Thursday, Friday, or a Sunday afternoon can be a big saving. Furthermore, try to avoid that summer cliché wedding. You should get married during the month of December through March to save approximately 25% on your budget. Be the one that changes the norms and have that magical winter wedding!



Don’t be scared to negotiate

You shouldn’t be afraid to be brazen. After all, it is your wedding day! and if you don’t ask, you won’t get…Try and haggle, ask for all the deals you could be offered. The supplier can say no if it’s not possible, but if they say yes, you’re onto a winner. Do not hesitate to play with feelings. Tell the supplier how much you love what he has to offer, as well as the price you are willing to put to acquire this good. If he cannot do anything for you, do not despair! someone else will! Keep asking until you get the best offer, and don’t forget, your wedding day, your rules.



Cut down the number of guests

This is the hardest part, we know…but a must if you want to control your wedding expenses. Keep in mind that each of your guests gets an invitation, a catered meal, a piece pricey wedding cake, and a whole lot of champagne glasses. A big wedding with 300 invitees isn’t necessary. What you need to focus on, is your family and your closest friends. In fact, these are the people you truly cherish and wish to be at your wedding.



Our biggest savings suggestion? Focus on what’s there and not what you think should be there. Perfect dress, Perfect flowers, Perfect catering or live band won’t change a thing about the fact that you are about to celebrate the happiest and most magical day of your life.




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