The Ultimate Christmas Party Entertainers List

The Festive Season is on its way, and Christmas is a time to be gleeful and bubbly. Parties with your family or coworkers during the holiday or any other time of the year is the perfect occasion to bound with people you don’t usually talk to. However, we know that sometimes, Christmas parties can be a bore and a real drudgery to attend.  Hence, to avoid that, we have selected some of the best entertainments that you can have at your Christmas parties to have the time of your life! From Makeup Artists to Magicians to Mixologists, have a look at Hiroes’s selection for the best entertainers in London for a heck of a Christmas party!

Natalie, Makeup Artist

Makeup Artists are always a hit at parties. It allows you to take the pressure off while looking absolutely fabulous. Whatever you might want to be painted on your face, Natalie can do! Plus, with that makeup on your face, you will be guaranteed some awesome pictures and memories!

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 09.58.16.png

Natalie has been working as a Makeup artist since the age of 13. Her work has been published and exhibited internationally for the likes of the British Library, Philharmonie de Paris, The Huffington Post, New York Times, The Guardian, BBC, Channel 4 to name but a few. Her Clients cover a very broad range including Vogue, Google, and Sony. Learn more about Natalie.

The Bells & Dali, Balloons Modelers.

Our art goes to balloon twisting like you have never seen before! Both Adults and Children will be mesmerized by those incredible designs! This is a great addition and party entertainment for all of your guests!

The Bells

Charming and highly skilled, the Belles are a balloon twisting force to be reckoned with. From their delicate jewelry and bespoke costuming to their very own signature designs, they are guaranteed to bedazzle you with their brilliant balloons. Learn more about The Bells.


Dali can make various balloon creations in a very fast and entertaining manner. Dali performed at major shopping centers as well as performing for many companies and well-known celebrities – locally and internationally! Learn more about Dali.


Fiora, the Bellydancer

Bellydance is an ancient traditional dance and a highly skilled art form. In all Arabic countries, it is an important part of the culture, while in the rest of the world, it has spread rapidly and gained enormous popularity over the last few decades. Belly Dance is an original way of entertaining your guests at your party.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 10.40.53.png

Fiona had a passion for Bellydance since a very young age. She has studied various dance styles and decided to become a professional bellydancer after completely falling in love with it. She likes playing with different Bellydance styles while using various props including veils, wings, sword and fire palms. Learn more about Fiona.


Tatiana, The Fire Dancer

An incredible and exhilarating show that is guaranteed to bring the WOW factor to any event! If you want to spice things up at your Chrismas party, Tatiana will do the trick! All of your guests will completely fall under her spell and be hypnotized by her amazing performance.

Tatiana is a fire dance performer combining different styles of dance as contemporary, Bellydance or Latin rhythms. She uses different props as fire fans, five palms, swords and prevails to create captivating and interesting shows. Learn more about Tatiana.


Many,  The Wino

Adventure yourself and your guests into taste and flavor of different wines at your Christmas party! Drinking wine has never been more fun and entertaining! Plus with its educational purpose, you won’t feel guilty waking up in the morning with this bad headache.

Many bring a unique view and experimental approach to wine tasting using science, jokes, and tricks so we can all laugh and learn, sip and socialize. She can create bespoke tastings, food, and wine pairings, host wine dinners, train a team and she can provide you with advice on what wines to order for any kind of events. Learn more about Many.


Christmas is, for some a magic season which often brings us back to our deepest memories and childhood dreams. When we were young, Christmas was a time where everything seemed so magical, a time where anything seemed feasible. With our magicians at your event, you can bring back that excitement you experienced as a child and have a truly magical Christmas, whatever your age.


Award-winning mentalist and magician Edward has been performing his unique style of psychological illusion for over 15 years and has captivated audiences throughout the world. Those who have witnessed his stage show or close up at parties and corporate events have never failed to be astounded by the experience. Learn more about Edward.


Operating as a professional close up magician, Joao will bring pure magic to your event! From cards, coins, paper, mind reading… you wouldn’t want to miss the show! 
Joao loves interacting with people, and guests always remember him for his amazing magical live performance. Learn more about Joao.

Adrienn, Creative Event Production

To make sure your Christmas event will stand out from every other Christmas party thrown previously, you can hire an Event Producer who will take care of all the decorations from the big, to the smallest details of your party. Any environment you wish to recreate, Adrienn will bring it to life.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 11.55.06.png

Adrienn spent her professional life in creative event production, creating the looks of music events, spaces, and bars by working with themes, colors and her own distinctive magic that will set your event apart from the rest! She simply loves transforming spaces and give a little bit of love, especially to empty venues. Learn more about Adrienn.


Our mixologist have a true passion for combining elixirs and creating extraordinary cocktails! Mixologists are a must for an unforgettable Christmas party as it will take away the breath of your guests with quirky and unique Cocktail recipes. Our Mixologists are professional in the business and will not deceive you!


Learn more about Arafat.


Learn more about Nicholas.


Learn more about Ryan.


Learn more about Torsten.


We wish you an amazing Christmas party and we hope to see you soon on  for more amazing talents! Much Love,

The Hiroes team 💕





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