The 7 Best Wedding Proposals of All Time

The way you’ll propose to your other half is a story that will be told and passed through your family generation. No pressure! But as it will only happen once, (hopefully) you’ll want it to be memorable and perfect!

We’ve come up with 7 original proposal ideas to make sure your partner will want to marry you the second after you popped the question!

It is time to make the first step toward the first day of the rest of your life.


1) The Subway Proposal 

This one is for all the busy couples out there who never find the right time to pop the big question. This proposal subway in London was absolutely breathtaking and very original! Londoners are the best 😌

2) Pugs Proposal 

For making it the most special day of her life, a man enlisted 16 pugs in central park to help him propose to his girlfriend. One of the cutest and unusual wedding proposal ever! Super romantic if your other half is a dog lover!

3) Scuba Diving Proposal

If your partner is as adventurous as you are, what a better way than popping the question under water?  This proposal is definitely one to remember!

4) Flashmob Dance Proposal 

On a casual sunny day, on the banks of the Thames, Vany, and Veskko were out for lunch, when they came across a talented busker. What happened next was out of this world… This is how you should propose to your partner!

5) A Walt Disney Proposal 

As soon as we started entering the magical world of fairies and princesses, Disneyland became this sacred place for each and every one of us. This is the perfect wedding proposal we all dreamt to have one day.


6) Trip Proposal 

Bring your other half to the best trip of his/her life, find the perfect spot with the most astonishing view, kneel down, look up, take one last deep breath and propose!

7) Scavenger Hunt Proposal

On June 8th, 2013 Jay set up an elaborate scavenger hunt all around Austin, Texas. Mary Beth assumed everyone was celebrating her birthday, until the very end where Jay proposed.  If you are up for a little bit of a challenge, this wedding proposal is definitely for you!

I hope we have provided you with amazing and original ideas for your wedding proposal! We wish you the best of luck. 💋







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