What to do in London (October 16, 2017)

Hello there! I hope you had a good weekend! Hiroes is back with brilliant ideas on how to spend your week in London! With this beautiful weather, it is time to put on your sunglasses and go out and explore the Capital!

Enjoy 😊


Outdoor in London

Regents Canal


Stretching from Little Venice in the west to Limehouse in the East, this 8-mile waterway is one of London’s most peaceful area to ramble on a nice sunny day. Highly recommended!

Crystal Palace Maze


One of the largest in the country, the Crystal Palace maze is 160 feet big and has been bewildering visitors since the 1870s. The maze is free and open to all. But beware, you could easily lose track of time and find yourself in the maze for longer than expected!

Kyoto Garden


An amazing oasis of calm and tranquility in the heart of the busy Kensington and Chelsea borough of London. A perfect way to relax after a long day of hard work in the office.

Ruined Victorian Folly


Hidden from the busy city of London, the remains of a lavish Victorian garden can be explored from the concrete faux-stone archways, rockery, to the ornamental stream that was once in the former grounds of the house Fairwood at 53 Sydenham Hill, built in around 1864.


Indoor in London

The House of Dreams


Starting in 1998, The House Of Dreams is a project conceived by Stephen Wright and his former partner Donald Jones. The project was born from Stephen’s desire to create something permanent when he found himself feeling alone. He began creating a “new” family within the house to help him create a sense of belonging.

Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising


Delve into this museum and explore the development of brands, packaging, and advertising through the displays of more than 12,000 items of posters, toys, games, fashion, and technology. The British consumer society and its culture are revealed through the changes in social taste, the evolution of graphic design and the influence of historical events such as the WWII, the Suffrage Movement, the Queen’s Coronation and the 1966 World Cup.

Flight Club Bloomsbury


Victorian vibes filling the space with vintage furniture and a carousel-themed bar. You can take part of various games challenges while enjoying extra nice food and cocktails with your friends!

Prison Cocktail Bar


Alcotraz is an immersive drinking experience of the highest kind. From the orange jumpsuits upon entrance to the real metallic cells, Alcotraz becomes the perfect backdrop to enjoy a drink within an epic yet intimate environment.



Festivals that are happening this week

London Literature Festival


From talks by Philip Pullman and Claudia Rankine to Tom Hanks and Hillary Rodham Clinton, London Literature Festival features many of the most anticipated literary events of the year.

Bloomsbury Festival


Presenting an inspiring programme of arts, science, literature, performance, discussion, and reflection, the Festival shines a light on the radical imaginations, institutions, and 11,000 residents that shape contemporary Bloomsbury.


London Restaurant Festival


London Restaurant Festival aims to deliver the most memorable and creative events. This is the perfect excuse to try out some of the capital’s world-class restaurants, including gastronomic activities, and restaurant tours and wine tasting.


Have a good week Londoners!

Much Love 💕

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