Top 10 Halloween Makeup Ideas for Ladies and Gentlemen that will actually look scary

Our favorite time of the year is approaching fast and we are all super excited for Halloween and I hope you are too! We know how a struggle it is to find a good costume that is actually scary, and how a nightmare it can become when you have nothing to wear, or when you found yourself with the same costume you bought in Camden Market as someone else. This year, it is time to get creative! Here’s a list of the top 10 Halloween costumes to impress your friends!

Hope you will enjoy the read ☺️

For you Ladies

1)The Killer Clown


This extra-scary clown makeup might actually make a few people run away, faint or scream! And it is affordable and easy to obtain! Makeup Tutorial here.

2) Ouija Speaktress


Some extra spooky vibes guaranteed! Makeup Tutorial here.

3)The Zipper face


A classic Halloween Makeup that will never get old! Makeup Tutorial here.

4) The Voodoo Doll


The talented Jordan Hanz will never stop to amaze us! Makeup Tutorial here.

5) Coraline’s alternate world


Amazing makeup tutorial by Courtney Little Makeup! Makeup Tutorial here.

6) The demon


Ellimacs SFX makeup present us with this creepy Demon makeup, easy to realize and creepiness guaranteed! Makeup Tutorial here.

7) The Fortune-Teller


Thank you, Kim Martin, for this Freakshow Fortune-teller makeup tutorial! Makeup Tutorial here.

8) The Exorcist

CHLzuD1UAAEmzuy 2.jpg

Watch it only if you dare it… This exorcist Halloween makeup will definitely freak people out! Makeup Tutorial here. 

9)The blood-sucker vampire


The Vampire look is a Halloween classic but this special makeup tutorial will make you look extra scary without spending a fortune! Makeup Tutorial here.

10) The conjuring 2- Valak


Inspired by the talented Eleanor Sabaduquia, this Conjuring makeup will not deceive you and your friends! Makeup Tutorial here.

For you Gentlemen

1) The Zombie


Super creepy, but extremely easy to realize! By Shonagh Scot. Makeup Tutorial here.

2) Straight Jacket Demon


Inspired by the incredible @ellie35x on IG! Makeup Tutorial here.

3)Harvey Dent – Two-Face


Amazing Two-face makeup tutorial by Ellimax SFX club! Makeup Tutorial here.

4) Killer Clown


RawBeautyKristi performed an amazing Killer Clown makeup for Halloween! Makeup Tutorial here.

5)The Crypt Keeper


This is a bit of a challenging one, but you will be amazed at the results! Makeup Tutorial here.

6) American Horror Story Skull


American Horror Story-inspired makeup tutorial. Makeup Tutorial here.

7) Dark Shadows


Easy Dark Shadows Halloween makeup. But still pretty awesome! Makeup Tutorial here.

8)The Joker


Classic and timeless. Makeup Tutorial here.

9) IT 2017


For this Halloween, dress as the creepiest clown in town! Makeup Tutorial here.

10) Krampus Christmas Demon


Alex Faction and Jordan Hanz inspired Krampus Christmas Demon. Makeup Tutorial here.

🎃 I hope you will find your perfect Halloween Costume! 🎃

Happy Halloween from Hiroes 👻

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