Meet Matthew, Event Photographer @ Hiroes

“To me photography is all about following the smiles, the laughs, the love and the vibes. It’s all about capturing quality, emotive moments where we actually connect.” – Matthew

Last week, we had the pleasure to meet Matthew, a freelance photographer with over 8 years of experience. He has been using our Hiroes platform for a while now, and we wanted to know more about his person and his personal experience with us! Matthew is part of our top photographers, and we thought you would like to know more about him too. 😃


 Hello Matthew! would you mind sharing your story with us?

Of course! My name is Matthew, I live in East London, I have been a photographer for about 8 years now, and yes, Freelance is what I do!

I started photography by accident actually! When I was in College, I was supposed to pick an extra class and I chose photography, without being too bothered about it… But the first day we went out, we started taking pictures on some Digital SLR’s, and from this instant, I was in love with it and I continued shooting ever since then.

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Is Photography your main job today?

Photography is my main job today, that is why I do freelancing. Alongside, I also do videography, so all visual stuff basically.

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Do you have a favourite photography style? 

My favourite photography styles have always kept switching in the early days but I really liked portraiture a lot. Then I dabbled with landscapes a bit, but to be honest, I have to say now that my favourite photography style is documentary! I really like taking candid photos and it also lends itself to when I shoot at events. I really enjoy taking pictures of people that are just unaware!

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Can you tell us a bit more about your experience on Hiroes?    

I have been on Hiroes for just under a year now, and I have had several clients on there. I have had the range of different sort of jobs, Weddings and Corporate Events and honestly, it has been really fantastic! I have been able to just get clients and liaise with them on the platform, understand what they were after, and in all of that, Hiroes has made it really easy to handle…So it is really a great platform!

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 10.45.43.png

Can you tell us about the gear you are using for photography as well as for videography?

Nowadays for my photography, I generally use my Canon 550D, that is the first digital SLR, that I bought for myself. I use that with a zoom lens, an 18-135mm. I also have a 50mm and 35mm. I use those with flashguns but when I can use natural light, I do.

For my filming, I use a Sony A7S, which I got at the top of last year and that’s have been amazing for my documentary filming work. It works really well in low light and I do not have a lot of lighting gear so I can use a lot of the available light in the places I shoot. It is really light and quick to set up so it have been amazing to invest in that!

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 10.45.15.png

What was your worst photography experience?

One of my worst experience in photography has to probably be in the early days of when I first started shooting in nightclubs. That was the first sort of all paid jobs I started to get, and it used to be difficult because I would have to journey to clubs in North London and in South London and I would have to journey by night bus all the way back to East London where I stay. That was before the days of night tubes so it was really long! But nowadays, I don’t have to deal with that at all, I really just do more of Weddings and stuff like that. I definitely don’t miss shooting in nightclubs anymore!

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 10.54.51.png

Your best photography experience? 

One of my most recent great experience in photography has been with a client that I had on the Hiroes platform who had a Wedding outside of London. It was an amazing day, the client really catered to me.  I was the photographer of the day even though it was her day! She made everything really like a great feel-good day and I left feeling amazing. Thank you to her! Thank you Danielle!

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 10.52.18.png

Last question! Any advice for someone looking to start photography?

My advice would be to focus on the lenses when you think about the gear that you want to first invest in. Try not to worry too much about the body of your camera. I mean they are all pretty much similar in a way or another. Don’t really worry about getting your proper camera just yet if you cannot afford it. Get some nice prime lenses that would teach you to understand the distance between you and your subjects and you will be able to understand the framing a lot quicker rather than just having zoom lenses and sort of cheating your way by zooming in and out. Also, try and shoot in nightclubs if you are up for it! Try and shoot in some dark places and you will really get an understanding of low-light scenarios and it will teach you a lot more about how to actually use your camera and what is going on with the different settings on your camera. Finally just choose a style that you feel that you are gravitating towards and really start with that. Begin to explore and see what other people are doing.  Instagram is really great for that nowadays, so check out their styles and try to imitate some of their images and just have fun with it!


Thank you Matthew for sharing your experience with Hiroes! We wish you all the best 🤗

PS: Do not hesitate to move your way down to our Website to discover more amazing artists like Matthew!

Much Love from the Hiroes team

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