The 5 Things to Watch When Organising your Business Event.

We all have been there… don’t we? Planning your company’s next award party or business related event can turn out as a real living nightmare. We know how stressful planning an event can get, and how it can turn you into a ball of nerves…so here are some tips to avoid those sleepless nights and ease that anxiety off your chest. After reading our article, you will feel a lot more relaxed and confident about stepping in, and organising a successful event that will be one to remember!

I hope you will enjoy the read💋

1/ Before anything else, you should make a CHECKLIST


Think about what kind of event you are holding, is it a private or a public event?

Consider how you want your event to look and feel to you and your future guests. Think about who will attend, the decorations, will it have music? a live concert? a Dj? will you have entertainment shows? A magician? or a clown perhaps? will the event be taking place outside or inside? and what about food? is it going to be a buffet? a seated event? What kind of drinks will you be serving to your guests? Is it going to be a day-time event or an evening event?

I know what you are thinking, and my head is starting to spin too… so do not forget to make that checklist so you will know exactly what your event will be about and how will it be presented to your guests.


2/ The second most important thing you should think about is the BUDGET of your event


The budget will provide you with a financial “boundary”  for the event. Make your budget as specific as you can. Include all of your expenses such as supplies, securities, food, music, taxis, printings, insurance…in short every little detail that needs to be paid for. Think also about your revenue opportunities, like sponsorship, donations, tickets sales etc… and do not forget about the extra expenses… you never know what can come up. Better be prepared than sorry!

After taking care of the boring stuff, here comes the fun part!

3/ It is time for you to choose your FACILITY!


The location of your event is crucial to the success of your event. While picking out a venue, you will have to take all of those factors into account: The room capacity, outdoor/indoor spaces, if there are any special needs that require an elevator or ramps, if you need a stage, a podium, how many tables/ chairs will you need? Think about the license of the venue, until what time will you be allowed to make some noise? think about the location, will it be easy for everyone to go home safely afterwards? The venue will play an important role in the triumph of your event. chose wisely.

At Hiroes, we offer a large range of different venues that may be of your interests. By offering affordable and personalised venues, our goal is to help you rent the best venue for your business event that will meet all of your demands. You can check our venues directory through this link at and explore any other requirements that you may need, like a security guard, a photographer or a musician.

Sneak-peak at some of our best business events facilities.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 09.52.14.png

Helena’s spacious Venue, from £266/h


Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 09.49.53.png
Carlos’s bright loft, from £202/h


4/ Once your checklist is done, your budget is set and your venue is booked, think about ADVERTISING and MARKETING plans to promote your event to your designated audiences.


Firstly you will need to think about your audience. Who is it for? Determine who you want to attend and then target your advertising accordingly. Consider flyers, handouts, emails, social media posts and word-of-mouth to reach your targeted audience. Targeting your audience is the key to success for your event.

5/ After the event, do not forget to EVALUATE YOUR EVENT. 


Do not hesitate to ask for feedback from your participants, ask how the event went, if everyone enjoyed themselves, but also do not be afraid of critics. Ask your audience if they felt like something went wrong, and what could have been improved. Once your event is over, take time to reflect back on it. Reflecting back will help you improve your future event.


Regardless of the type of event that you are planning, make sure it is meaningful and that it is well celebrating your company in a uniquely positive way. But the most important when planning an event is to have F.U.N and to be proud of what you have accomplished. Like Shiv Khera once said “Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.” 


Good luck.

Yours sincerely,

Hiroes 😘




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