The Ultimate Checklist Before Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

It has finally arrived. You’re in the middle of preparing your wedding, finding the right venue, the caterer, musicians, and of course your Wedding Photographer!

This is not an easy task. A great photographer can leave you with amazing memories that you will keep forever, share with your kids and proudly show on your living room fireplace. On the other side, if you chose your wedding photographer without care, these memories could just stay in your mind and there’s nothing worse than wasted wedding pictures.

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Well, if you read this, you’re in good hands! We’ve prepared for you the ultimate checklist to choose your Wedding Photographer.

  1. First, we’ll talk about details and how they could really turn an average picture into an incredible picture
  2. Second, we’ll talk about cool photoshoot locations
  3. Lastly, we will give you tips on how to find a great and affordable wedding photographer!


1. The Devil is in the Details

Even before getting to choose a photographer, the whole wedding preparation will determine if the pictures will be amazing or just nice.

You will need to put a lot of attention in all the small details. They can really give the wow factor to your wedding pictures.

A few tips that we liked a lot:



(Disclaimer: The next tip might sound cheesy and very generic but it works EVERY TIME!)

  • Flowers and petals everywhere! – Look at this picture of a really nice outdoor wedding ceremony. Try to imagine the scene without these big wonderful flower bouquets! The petals on the ground lined up with the chairs also contribute to set a very nice tone. Notice the cones filled with sweets on the back of each chair. Well thought out!



  • Matching colours – Most of the time the bride is wearing white only, but what we really like is to match the bridal bouquet with an accessory for the groom. What works really well is to match it with a bow. (The one on the picture come from our friends Colonel Moutarde, they have a very nice shop in East London just off Brick Lane – grooms should definitely give it a go!)


2. Do your Homework

A great way to have great Wedding Pictures is to pick, in advance, a special location where you could go with your Wedding Photographer.

Our top 3 favourite places:

According to Wikipedia, “Kew Gardens is the world’s largest collection of living plants”. From the exotic glasshouse gardens filled with succulents and tropical blooms to a stroll down to the Chinese Pagoda, there’s much to see and photograph. Grecian temples, Japanese Gardens and beautiful lakes, all make for an incredibly diversified background, rain or shine.



  • Pergola Gardens

This is one of our favourite places to walk in and take pictures. It seems that not many know of these gardens, which is quite convenient as you get to have some peace and quiet, not having to dodge tourists at every step you take. It is for sure one of London’s hidden gems.





  • Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market is one of the oldest markets in London, dating from the 14th century and located in the historic centre of the City of London’s financial district. It is still very much in use as a local market, which is pretty cool!
Leadenhall Market has also been one of the filming locations for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Just saying 🙂


Wedding photography in St Mary Axe Gherkin London


3. How to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer

We couldn’t do a Checklist on Wedding Photography without giving tips on where to find great wedding photographers.

Luckily for you, you came to the right door. On Hiroes, you will be able to find and book the best photographers in London for your special day. Prices are very attractive at around £40 per hour.

We have many photographers specialized in Weddings and we are very picky with the photographers we work with.

Screenshot 2017-09-13_16-49-58

Photograph taken by Jason – you can book him on Hiroes for £55 per hour


cover (3)

Photograph taken by Lilly – you can book her on Hiroes for £50 per hour


Screenshot 2017-09-13_16-53-31

Photograph taken by Suzi – you can book her on Hiroes for £60 per hour


Screenshot 2017-09-13_16-58-18

Photograph taken by George – you can book him on Hiroes for £50 per hour


Thanks for reading and we hope you are now better prepared to choose your wedding photographer and to make everything to have the best memories of your special day!

Love, Hiroes 😍

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