How to survive Fridays at work

Congratulations! You’ve nearly made it. In a couple of hours you will be free as a bird, far from your desk and your boss, enjoying a long, cold, refreshing cocktail in one of your favourite pubs/bars across London. Ah, how dreamy this all sounds…

However, for now, you are still glued to your office chair, drained from any energy that is left in you, fighting against that urge to not Adult anymore. Here’s a small guide to help you survive Fridays at work, and make your end of the week day a little more bearable… Hang tight and have a look at our survival Fridays tips. I hope you will enjoy the read😃


1- Always keep that big smile on your face.

Even if you secretly want to kill your co-workers or that your boss gave you that boring pile of paperwork that you despise more than anything in this world, you have to keep smiling! Numerous studies have suggested that smiling, forced or not, can decrease your stress level, have a positive effect on your mood and even make people around you happier! Smiling is contagious, what an amazing news!


2- Eat chocolate for desert!

Think about the last time you succumbed to your guilty pleasures and ate the whole Nutella pot in one go? How did you feel? Happy am I right? (chances are that you also hated yourself for cheating on your diet) Nonetheless,  it has been scientifically proven that chocolate has over 300 naturally-occurring chemicals, and can affect the human brain via the release of particular neurotransmitters, such as Phenylethylamine, Endorphyn and Serotonin which are often reffered as “the love drug” because they have positive effects on human feelings.

3- Drink coffee.

Because coffee contain a stimulant called caffeine, it can help you feel less tired, increase your energy levels, therefore making your day way more productive. Furthermore, a Harvard study showed that coffee can fight depression and make you happier! No need to overdose on your morning, or afternoon coffee craving, but a good cup of it can gently ease your Fridays sorrows and despairs.

4- Block out negative feelings. 

While you don’t want to eat your feelings until you go bananas one day, you do not have to approach everything with a negative attitude. Instead of spending your Fridays thinking about how much you hate your job, how you rather be eating a huge pizza in front of your favourite TV show on Netflix, or how you miss your dog, try to accept the fact that you cannot always change how things work in the office, hence instead of complaining, make the most of your work. You will go home feeling accomplished and proud of yourself. You will then enjoy a well-deserved weekend!

5- Make friends amongst your co-workers. 

Let’s be honest, time flies so fast when you’re having fun, and yes, it is actually possible to have fun on a Friday at your workplace! That said, if you try to get along with your co-workers, they will make your day way less miserable. You will have people to talk to during your breaks, and someone to make eye-contact with, when your boss is being a real pain in the neck… Even if you don’t think you will get along with certain people, just simply give it a shot, and if it does not work out, you can still go back to being lonely and depressed.. the choice is yours.

With the weekend coming up, we really hope these tips will help you survive Fridays at work, and get you all pumped up for the weekend!

Good luck from Hiroes.





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