10 Best Ideas For Your Baby Shower

 Baby showers are awesome. It’s that once (or few) times in a lifetime when you get to gather with your besties, talk about cute baby things, and drink many non-alcoholic drinks while eating cute tiny food. Perfect day, you’d say. But what would make it even better, would be to steal some ideas from here and to add it to your already-perfect shower. Do them all, and you’ll be asked everyday when your next baby will be on the way. So get a pen and a paper, and start reading.

Choose your venue 

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Whether you chose to host your baby shower at home or in a venue, you need to think carefully about a few details: Is it big enough for the number of guests you are having? Would you rather have a casual baby shower or a more creative one in another home than yours? If the event is in summer, you might want a nice terrace to enjoy the sun. If your house doesn’t have one of those criteria, those might.

Popcorn Bar


Everyone loves popcorn. Everyone loves bar. Combine both and you’ve got a winner grab-and-go snack for you and your friends to enjoy. Plus, it’s super instagrammable (bring on the likes), tastes awesome and is really easy to set up.

Drink Up!


If there is one occasion where you can not feel weird about drinking in your old baby bottle, it’s this one! Ask all your guests to bring their old (well-washed!) baby bottles or if they didn’t keep it, just hand them new ones, and have a bartender preparing delicious non-boozy drinks. You can find amazing bartenders right here.

Balloons are your friends


Balloons are an efficient, cost-effective way of decorating your venue for the big day. You can imagine all sort of balloon shapes. For example, these helium inflated balloons are cute as hell and it will add a great extra to your photos!  

Cupcake Bar Goodies

Capture d’écran 2017-03-07 à 19.50.56.png

Ok, fine. I have to admit we are crazy about anything related to bars at Hiroes. But come on, how awesome would it be to forget about the traditional dessert buffet, and try a cupcake bar? Pretty awesome. Your imagination can be endless regarding the declination of flavors you can get! And if you’re into healthy things, we even got the perfect vegan cupcake maker for you: Channel gets called around here “the vegan cupcake queen”

A He or a She?


If you decided to reveal the gender, be a little bit patient and wait until the baby shower to reveal it to all your friends and family! What’s better than a giant reveal cake to announce the gender? For us, nothing! Your guests will love to be all gathered to be part of that special moment. You can even get the surprise yourself at the same time as them if you ask the doctor to write it down on a paper and give it to the baker (the hard part would be not to open it!).

Baby bottle races

bottle race

Because we’re all about practicality, we got you the best and most classical drinking game ever, in its non-alcoholic/baby shower version, using the baby bottles you already got for the cocktails! So what is it?

Well, the same old game you remember (or would rather forget) from college, I called: Baby Bottle races !! You might be surprised of how hard it is to drink up fast from a dummy! Split the guests in duos who will race against each other, and may the best drinker win!

Go back in time

9a4e446089f7872a404c7c0816010f7b (1).jpg

Let’s face it, we all are a bit nostalgic, and we love to review things from the past. What’s best for a baby-to-be-born than creating a time capsule where all the guests write their wishes, advices and funny comments that he/she will open when they’ll be grown ups? It’s a simple, fun and useful activity to do with your guests! Who knows, at age 18, your teenager might listen to one of these notes saying he/she should clean their bedroom more often! Told you: useful!

Pamper yourself

Remember, it’s your party, you’re the one who is gonna have to deal with diapers, vomit and screams very soon, and you might not have the time you’ve got now to pamper yourself as you should. So take care of yourself while you can! Go to the hairdresser, get a great make up to look at the top of your life. This video might help you finding the best baby shower make up for you

Last but not least: hire a photographer!


Believe us when we say you do not want to spend your time asking for pictures to your guests. It’s so much more convenient to have a professional photographer taking shots of your happy time spent together, without worrying about living the moment through your phone. The little extra: you’ll even be able to do a photoshoot session of you and your pretty belly before the event starts! You can find great photographers from £20 an hour right here.

One last thing before you go

The “Don’t” baby shower game

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The water broke game: Getting creepy plastic babies to freeze, the baby to break free from the ice first is the winner, and the guest has to yell: “my water broke”. Creepy things we’ve ever seen. We are afraid by just talking about it. If you’re in lack of ideas, please come ask us for ideas instead of choosing this game.

We hope you’ve got everything you need now to get your bellies filled with good food and your minds busy playing awesome games to celebrate the arrival of your baby!


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