The 5 tips you need to promote your event

There are many different ways to help you promote your event, help you spread the word much further and get a lot of tickets booked. Of course, depending on your event type, some methods will be more relevant than others. Promoting business events will be easier using specialised websites or blogs for instance, when private events will more focus on creating a great Facebook page and use different tricks to spread the word on social media.

In this article we will go through different methods and tools and explain how they can be used to improve the reach of your event.


#1 – Find a catchy title and write a fun description

The title of your event is essential because it’s the first thing that will make your potential attendees notice your event. It needs to be catchy, short and explain well what your event is about.

Do not hesitate to use some special characters such as [ ], ☞,✤,◼ to make your event more visible when your potential attendees will go through it.

Use impactful words such as Amazing, Revolutionary, Introducing, etc. David Ogilvy known as “The Father of Advertising” published a list in 1963 of the 12 most persuasive words in advertising, you can find the list here.

Research reveals that often, a single word makes all the difference.


If you’re planning on having speakers/special guests for your event, make sure to mention it in the description with a catchy mini bio for each of them and a picture. Speakers are a very good way to attract people.

PS: Don’t forget the event cover picture which is essential at catching your potential attendees’ attention. If you don’t know how to use Photoshop, google is your friend. Pictures coming from famous movies are always a good idea.


#2 – Presale tickets and think well about your pricing

You need at least 2 weeks to advertise so create your FB event page at least 2 weeks (I would rather say 3 weeks) in advance. It’s a good idea breaking down your tickets prices. What we commonly call Early birds tickets can help create a fear of missing out feeling to your potential attendees. However, you need to think well about your pricing strategy. Early bird discounts need to be appealing (between -30% and -60% of your regular ticket price according to us) and limited in time (this is very important and key to create a FOMO and sense of urgency).


To determine your tickets price, you need to think about 2 things. First, how much your potential attendees will be willing to spend on your event. Second, what is the price that will cover the event costs (or even to make a profit). For instance, if your attendees will spend during the event and that you have another revenue stream aside from tickets sale, you can sell your tickets for a lower price. If your only revenue stream is the tickets sale you need to calculate Total Event Cost / Number of attendees to have the price that will just cover the expenses. Think about it and ask around you if the price you have in mind is fair.


#3 – Use Facebook and social media to help you spread the word

First, you need to think about a cool Hashtag and use it everywhere you post something about your event. This is a great way to create a sense of community around your events.

Facebook is also an amazing tool to promote your event. Post in all groups that match your target audience. Write a personal message and include the link to your Facebook event/Eventbrite page. Make sure your cover picture appears. Share it also on your timeline and invite your friends to share it with their friends to create a viral effect. Tweet early and often about your event. You can tweet to say registration opens, early-bird registration is ending soon, countdowns, reminder of time and location, See you at the event!, and many other reasons.

Depending on the type of your event, some other social networks will be relevant. LinkedIn could be a great way to promote your business event (posting in specialised groups).

Some other websites are also great tools to promote your event. Check out, Meetup, and spend some time to find relevant websites that have an event section. For instance, have an event section and if you’re planning an event in London that has something to do with Tech you should ask them to include your event on their events page.


#4 – Post regularly to keep your potential attendees in the loop

We advise to post regularly before tickets are released (and after). Think about possible giveaways, content that is relevant for your event. If you’re having speakers, you can post a speaker interview video to convert more people in actually buying tickets.

You can post pictures of the venue, pictures of the preparation, anything that will give your potential attendees the feeling that your event is going to be COOL!


Another cool idea is to post tickets available countdown to create a sense of urgency.

Using Google Hangouts, Skype or (my favourite video call tool), you can record a video message from a speaker saying something exciting about the speech he will do at your event. It’s really easy to do and has proven to be very efficient. If you ask them, they will probably be okay to make this little video for you.


#5 – Create content to promote your next events!

This is the most important tip and will help you promote your next events much better than any other tip. Hiring a photographer for the occasion is a must! Being able to share photos – or even better videos – of your past events will be the ultimate move to actually make your potential attendees buy a ticket. You can book very affordable photographers – from £20 per hour – on If you are planning on having a series of event, hiring a videographer is also a great idea – sharing a 1-min introduction video of a past event will make your potential attendees understand the calibre of your events 😉

Another cool idea is to write a blog post after your event. This is what we did with our last event on How to raise your 1st round of funding. We wrote a “What you missed about our Fundraising masterclass” and people really loved it. It was also a way to share testimonials and how people enjoyed the conference. Have a look here.


Thank you very much for reading do not hesitate to drop us a line if you have any question about this article or if you have any other idea that would have its place here.



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