5 ways to self-improve in 2017

The New Year is the ideal moment for a lot of people to actually take some time reflecting about themselves, about the big choices they’ve made during the past year and how they could have done things better. It’s also an ideal time to start doing things we have been too lazy to start on a random date. Starting something – or quitting something – from January 1 make it much more important and we have to – at least for a couple of weeks – stick to it.

We have prepared for you a typology of every NYE resolution. It’s interesting how all the resolutions you could think of fall into one of these 5 categories.


Physical/Health resolutions

These are obviously the most common. Lose weight. More exercise. Stay fit. Quit smoking. Here are 10 great training tips that will help you reach your objectives. London is a great city to workout. If you’re a morning person, then go for a run in Hyde Park. They’re so many people running there every morning that it really gives motivation. Even if it rains, you will always find some running mates in Hyde Park. They’re also loads of gym with great promotional offers / test period if you don’t want to commit to an annual subscription. We found this gym that even have Day Membership at £4.99. You have no excuse now!



Skills improvement resolutions

This category relates to everything around how to improve your skills. For example: How to improve productivity at work? How to be more organised? It could also be a new challenge that is important for you: This year I want to learn Spanish! I want to learn how to use Photoshop. I want to learn how to raise funds when creating a startup. The list could be obviously very long.

These resolutions are crucial because they allow everyone to open up new doors, new horizons. Here is a great article by billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban in which he shares the most important lesson he learned in his 20s. Cuban made his fortune by selling two start-ups in the 1990s. He then acquired the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks for $285 million – and realized his dream to work in the NBA. I don’t want to spoil the article and I let you discover by yourself how much the lesson he shares is powerful.

Great ways to improve your skills: For a couple of years now, MOOC have been mushrooming all over the web. You can pretty much learn everything without leaving with your seat. Here is one the most famous platform.
Also, London has tons of workshops which you can attend. And by the way: We are organising a great workshop / conference on “How to raise your 1st round of funding?” with great speakers to help you understand the fundamentals of fundraising. It’s happening the 12th of January 2017 in London, so if you want to be part of it, book your ticket for £5 only here.



Spiritual resolutions
Spiritual wellness is the ability to establish peace and harmony in your life. How to feel better on the spiritual level? In some ways, this is very specific to each one of you since spirituality often goes with religion and everyone has his own religious beliefs but there are many other universal ways to take spiritual resolutions.
We will just focus on one here. Giving away. 8,000 people slept rough on London’s streets during 2016 and the number has more than doubled over the last five years, nearly tripled over the last ten years.

Here is a cool article on How you can find time to volunteer in your busy life.

We also wanted to share with you that video that went viral on Internet. It truly makes you think about what is really important and what is not.

We hope that after reading this article you won’t pass by a homeless person without at least giving him a smile 🙂


Cultural resolutions

The best way to fit in when talking to different people with different backgrounds is to have a well-rounded education. Topics like history, music, art and culture often baffle people but there are many cool ways to learn more about a specific topic.
If you’re living in London, there are great museums where you can go to learn new things.


A very cool plan is to visit the National History Museum on the last Friday of the month: it’s open at night and you can drink wine while learning the difference between a Diplodocus and a Velociraptor. And the building architecture is in itself truly breath-taking! A must-do!

Social resolutions
Last but not least! Take some time to cultivate your friendships. Family and friends are what is most important in life. Organise your birthday party and talk to all of your friends personally to make them come. Make new relationships. Introduce some of your friends that don’t know each other. This is quality time. Try to spend some time with your family.

A great way as well is to organise a party with your friends, and with that, we can help! Book a unique venue to party with your friends and have good times. In order to have the best deals to find venues, musicians, DJs , etc. check out www.hiroes.co !


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