How to behave at your Office Christmas Party (or how not to get fired afterwards)

How to avoid THIS at your Christmas party: 

  1. Mingle

It’s that one time of the year occasion to get to know your superiors or your colleagues in a completely different atmosphere than usual. (Because let’s face it, the “team-bonding” events are not that much to laugh one’s head off. So jump on this opportunity to catch up with them in a casual and fun environment, really get to know them. But please, don’t ask them to get you promoted and buy you a cute baby pig (so cute, right?) once you’ve had one too many drinks.

  1. Don’t drink on an empty stomach

Each year there are fewer companies that serve alcohol at holiday parties. This year 28% of corporate events in London will be alcohol free! If you are one of the lucky ones who got access to free booze, DRINK UP! But probably wiser not to get wasted. So lean on those Canapés!

  1. Dress accordingly

Each party has a dress code. Find out if yours is more of a casual christmas party where you better wear shitty clothes because of all the alcohol that will be spilt on it or more of a fancy dinner where girls get to wear fancy gloves (Yes, we’ve all dreamt about it). You will usually find this information on your invitation. If in doubt, check out this useful blog on How to crack London Dress codes, it will help you to understand what they mean behind each dress code.

  1. The one detaining their photos shall be the Master.

If there is no photographer at the party, don’t forget to take pictures of/with your colleagues as a way to keep memories. But not only…

The one person detaining pictures of that night will have anyone appearing on it at his/her mercy. Some of them will die for you to send them or post them on social medias, other ones will beg you not to post that one picture where their eyes make them look like a sociopath and their hair like a messy witch. AND, how thrilling would it be to accidentally catch a picture of your boss making out with the accountant? Just kidding! Do not do that!  Anyways, bottom line: don’t forget to charge your phone!

  1. Stay (a bit) classy

For some lucky ones, your christmas party will arrive right before your Christmas holidays, which will leave some time for everyone to forget what they saw on that night. For all the other ones, don’t forget you’ll see all these people back on Monday! So try not to finish the head in the toilets while your boss is holding your hair.

  1. Be yourself

If there is one opportunity to be yourself and show everyone the cool person you really are, it’s this day. Don’t be afraid to make the jokes you’re always hesitating to make, to talk about the things that really interest you, and most of all: relax and try to have fun!

  1. Make sure to tell them how great it was

The Christmas party definitely carries on after the party is over. Mostly thanks to all the gossips that will nourish coffee break conversations for at least the month to come, but also by thanking your company for this great night full of memories. Remember they’ve been planning this evening for months just for you to have a good time! So don’t be ungrateful and thank them!

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