How to crack London Dress Codes

A dress code is a great way to set the tone and mood of an event. In this article, we will share with you our understanding of the main London dress codes. We will also give you some tips to communicate clearly to your guests about the proper dress code to wear.

Dress codes can literally change the way your event looks. You can create a real atmosphere by carefully choosing a specific theme. However, you can also ruin the mood by choosing a very bad taste dress code, so pay attention to the following:

In a nutshell, the 3 main advantages of having a dress code is:

  • It creates a real atmosphere
  • People will party harder because they invested time and efforts into their costume which means they really want to make the most out of it.
  • People will more likely talk about your event, the chances that your event will buzz are way bigger when you have a crazy dress code on.


To be comprehensive, we thought we would give you as well the 3 main drawbacks of having a dress code for your event:

  • People may be bored of themed parties and may just come without any fancy dress or worse don’t come at all.
  • Financial aspect – Outfits can be very pricey and your guests don’t necessarily have the budget for fancy dress costumes.
  • You need to include the theme in the whole preparation of your party, which means more time and efforts.


Let’s try to decode, crack, decrypt, break the codes of the most common dress codes.



Understand: come as you are. This popular dress code is about comfort. Usually event organisers use that dress code to make their guests know that they aren’t expecting any social etiquette or stuffy traditions.

However, be careful with this one because it’s often a way to trick you into underdressing.


Alternative: Smart Casual. Understand: You took some time in front of your mirror to dress up. This clearly means: wear your best and newest clothes that you would wear for your weekly Sunday Brunch.

2nd alternative: Business Casual. WTF? There is a real paradox here since Business means professional and proper; Casual seems like the exact opposite.

We’ll make it a bit clearer for you: Women should wear skirt / dress and with a button-down or blouse. Men should wear dress pants with collared shirt and belt. Understand: We are trying to be cool, but deep down, we’re not.




Here again, this could mean a lot of different things depending on the event and its location. What we understand is: you should be well dressed but original touches are recommended. We could say it’s half way between Smart casual and Business Casual.





This one is clearly the most straightforward. Even if it’s a formal dress code, at least it has the merit of saying things precisely: men must wear a suit (or even tuxedo) and a tie. Women are expected to wear evening dresses and elegant outfits.

Alternative: Creative Black Tie. Understand: Mix between Black Tie and Smart Casual.

2nd alternative: White Tie. Understand: Highest level of dress code. Coat with tails for men, evening gowns and gloves for women. Sounds a little too formal for us, but yeah, some folks really want their guests to wear that stuff.

ENOUGH for the formal Dress Codes!!


Here is a best-of (or worst-of, you tell us) of the craziest fancy dresses and themed parties we came across. Do not hesitate to let us know which one is your favourite and your dress code ideas!

Some ideas:

  • Super Hero Theme (obviously 😜 )

This has been seen a lot but stays timeless. All ideas are good: Superman, Wonderwoman, Trump 😂



  • 1920s Speakeasy

Great Gatsby themed parties are always a hit. Retro cocktails with your best 1920s-inspired attire, sounds cool right?


  • Flower Power Party

Head back to the 1960s with a psychedelic themed party. Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix are good ways to crack this theme!

DCF 1.0

  • Geishas and Samurais

Throwing a party where all your guests would dress as Geishas and Samurais from 18th century gets you in the mood



We also wanted to show you these random themes, just food for thought:


This one is bloody disgusting, isn’t it?



Nice pair 😂


“Lana Del Rey”

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