Why Field Marketing Can Be Your Best Marketing Tool

Exit traditional field marketing. Make space for creative and imaginative operations. But for that, a blend of field marketing and event-planning is essential.

One objective: to directly touch the consumer while creating a long-term relationship with them, all that with a small budget.

Field marketing is to Event-planning what the Beast is to the Beauty: an unlikely association

At first sight, these two were not meant to be, but at the end of the day, they form a solid relationship. The first one offers a practical project while the second one encourages you to dream. In its raw form, field marketing is promoting your brand in the streets, relying on a big, noticeable scheme; acting as an eye-catcher for passersby, encouraging them to stop and get intrigued. But it takes both a lot of organisation and a smart idea to make it reach its full potential.

We love this example of a beautifully thought field marketing event:


In this case, the scenography and the surprise were at the heart of the disposal. If you manage to combine those two, your event will be a winner.

  1. Find a champion sales rep

This will make or break your event. If you try to force an event when the rep isn’t convinced by your product, you can bet it won’t be successful. You may be drawn to a high-footfall locations, but if your reps aren’t supportive, the result won’t be there. Especially in crowded spaces where it’s hard to talk to people. These guys need to be as convinced as you are about your product, not afraid to stop people in the streets and passionately talk to them. And believe me when I say, it’s not given to everyone! (shoutout to my unexpected shyness once on the spot).

  1. Pick a “safe” location

While Oxford Street or Piccadilly Circus might sound appetizing for your first event, you can almost count on seeing 50% attrition on your attendance due to the high diversity of people. Which means your event might not be relevant for many of them. In addition, passersby in these areas are constantly solicited and might not be very open-minded. Instead, find a smaller location with smaller footfall where you’ll be certain to find your target audience. It will increase your response rate and will have a greater impact because it will be more relevant to them.

  1. Two field marketing events will never be alike

If you’re short in imagination, go get inspiration on YouTube by searching what other brands have done in the past. Just make sure it isn’t world-widely known. You might struggle to go viral otherwise. Don’t forget: your brand is unique, so you shouldn’t replicate the exact same operation if it doesn’t suit you fully. The good news about field marketing is the limitless number of ideas that can be executed, especially with new technologies constantly improving, leading to new innovative ways of interacting with the audience.

  1. Last but not least: Don’t skip on the boring part, the permits

Yes it’s a pain to deal with councils, yes it takes the excitement away from organising your event. Ok you want to play it hard and be bold, but you do not want to be found in a situation where police shows up and ask for a permit you do not have, forcing you to stop any activity. Time and money spent towards this particular day will go to waste otherwise. So be crazy, but not too much!

Field marketing can be one of the most powerful and cost-efficient marketing tool, if you use it well. Let your imagination go wild, and let us see what you can do!

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