10 Tips & Tricks For A Hell of a Halloween Party

It’s that time of the year again. Get your pumpkins at the supermarket and brooms out of the closet, Halloween is just around the corner! Now you might say it’s a month away, but time flies by, and if you intend to throw the best halloween party no one has ever seen, you better start earlier than later.

Hiroes has gathered the best tips and tricks for you, so keep calm and start planning.

  1. Invite them, now!


Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays in England, which is why you should’ve started inviting your guests like yesterday. Indeed, there is much competition for this time of the year and many parties guests have to choose from. While thinking about guests, select carefully who you want to invite. Do you want it to be an intimate event or a big gathering with friends of friends of friends? In both case, you need to create both a Facebook event and an Eventbrite one.

The first one will give you a clear overview about who is coming and who is invited. It will also incentivise guests when they see friends attending the same event. The second one allows you to control the entry, limit the number of guests and manage the pricing (if there is one).

Tip: be careful when choosing the settings of your Facebook event: Choose carefully the privacy of the event, as well as whether guests can invite people or not. You don’t want an unexpected crowd of dead walkers coming to your party and eating all your beloved friends. 

2. Invite them into your world from the beginning   



Set the tone for your party with a breathtaking Eventbrite invite. Remember, it’s not because it’s electronic that you shouldn’t take care about it as much as you do for written cards. Welcome your guests into your imaginary world by choosing well your text, and make it even more realistic with a matching font. Announce the plan for the night as well as the different artists that will come perform. If you have any goodies or other originalities, announce them too, as it will make your party more interesting than other ones. Don’t forget the boring stuff: State whether everyone will be allowed entrance, the age limit and the end time of the party.  You could get into real troubles if you forget those details, the shining twins might come knock on your door, and well…pray for your soul if they do. 

  1. Select the crime scene 

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You can have everything ready, all the decoration in place and your guests ready to come, but if you didn’t take care of the venue, it’s a fail! To make it simple, your venue is your masterpiece. So either you choose to host at home because it’s a small party and you have enough space to accommodate everyone, in which case, great for you. Otherwise, let’s start brainstorming about the different elements you need to think about when looking for your space. Plan ahead for the location of your venue, can people access it easily? how much does it cost? is it gonna be too tricky for guests to find? Will it be able to accommodate everyone? Watch out for any restrictions regarding noise time, or regarding using atmospheric effects such as fog. Utilizing fog or haze in the venue adds a great “spooky” effect and increases the visibility of the lighting used, however, not all venues allow it. If you find a venue that has it all, book it now! 

This scary ancient Swedish church on the picture? Yes it’s the venue of your dream, and yes you can book it on Hiroes for £96/hour (as well as many other venues).

4. Now let’s talk booze


If you’re having a halloween party, there are chances you’ll want some drinks to go along the night. Make sure to plan enough alcohol and softs. If you’re at home, you can tell people to BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze). If not, you have to plan around 2 drinks an hour per person. Now let’s talk fun stuff: to make things easier for you, as well as to impress your friends, you can design a signature drink.

Cast a spell over your Halloween party guests with this bewitching beverage that combines orange juice with black vodka and triple sec. This fancy, yet simple cocktail that will impress everyone is the Black Magic Cocktail.

  1. Vampires gotta eat

While drinking these bloody cocktails, it’s important to provide food to your guests. If you don’t want everyone to finish real dead (It would make a hell of a realistic halloween party, must admit that) you have to offer nice food to your guests. If you’re at home, you can find plenty of different recipes, such as these delicious poisoned caramelised apples.


If you don’t want to bother cooking, you can also hire one of Hiroes’ chefs, starting from as little as £5 per person. But be careful not to be hypnotised by their cooking talents.

Tip: Ask Chanel for her die for halloween cupcakes.


6. Glowing everything


Halloween is a night of magic and terror. The dark of the night will certainly terrify your guests, but if you don’t want them all to die stepping on each other, you kind of need some light. To keep the magical atmosphere and impress everyone, lighten up your space with black lights and/or strobe lights!  These are a very effective way to scare people in dark environments, and when utilized with ambient soundFX you can create a great “stormy night” effect. Utilizing these lights add a great glow to decor and surroundings. They can also be utilized to highlight specially designed makeup and paint that can be applied to decor and the zombies roaming around the house.

7. Decorate a little, scare big!

You don’t need to be an artist to decorate your party for Halloween. With some tips and tricks you can manage to impress your guests.


  • Old wine bottles to set the mood




This simple idea made just from recycled wine bottles and candles will give a creepy touch to your event. Place them a bit everywhere throughout your venue. Be careful to not set the place on fire though!

Tip: Use a paint scraper to remove the label from an empty dark-colored glass wine bottle.

  • Hang them everywhere


This DIY is so simple to make yet so impressive once hung from trees or ceilings. Just put a water balloon with a glow stick on the inside of a stocking and hang them.

  1. Please don’t stop the music 


I mean… do I really need to tell you you need some legendary Dj to heat up the dance floor? I don’t think so. You’re big enough to know that a party without great music is simply not a party.

So enough words, just go check out our great Dj.

9. That thing that will make your event better than anyone else.


You need to find it. Every event is different, because each of them reflects the tastes of different event organiser. You have to find your thing. It may be a themed event: Harry Potter,  Breaking Bad, Charmed (don’t anyone dare criticize Charmed. Best TV show of all time) or even the Walking dead. You can impose a theme to the night, everyone will have to come dressed up accordingly. But be careful to choose something famous enough, and that most people love (such as Charmed).

10. Capture all those moments




While having all your friends who made the effort to dress up in awesome costumes, everyone gathered having a good time, and so much time spent on all this decoration, food and drinks, you better have a photographer here to capture all these precious moments. No need to spend your time on your phone, trying to figure out when half-drunk, how to take a picture. You’ll have beautiful pictures to share with everyone in a Facebook album and to keep preciously until you’re 99 years old, telling your grandchildren about your youth and this amazing night (getting too nostalgic right now, and you probably won’t be able to talk much at 99). Anyways, get a photographer, you’ll be happy.

Tip:  You’re lucky we have selected amazing photographers on Hiroes. They will make you look even scarier than how you already will be, from as little as £20/hour

Here you go, you’re all ready to start planning your Halloween party! Let’s hope everything goes awfully well and all your demons will come party with you. If you need any other poisonous tips, just reach out at hello@hiroes.co, but we don’t guarantee your survival… 


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