What’s hot in party-planning in London

We carefully concocted this article for you guys to be at the tip of what’s happening in London right now.

1. Let your guests do the hard work, they’ll love it!


Who said guests couldn’t take part in the organisation? Ally fun with usefulness. Break the ice between guests, improve complicity and save money by teaching them how to make the best Cuban or Peruvian cocktails at your event. Putting themselves into a bartender’ shoes: we promise they’ll love it!  With this tiny change, your event becomes all more exciting and fun for you, and for them. This latest trend started with some smart guys such as Shaken which provides kits of specific cocktails ingredients to make it super easy and simple to organise.

Tip: If cocktails are no good, they can only blame themselves!


2. The night watch is here for you

jon snow.jpg

Who wouldn’t want to have Jon Snow to protect you? He would make a fine bodyguard, wouldn’t he? Guests now tend to pay more attention to safety protection than before, with all the unfortunate events that happened lately. You want to make them feel secure so that they can fully enjoy your event. The surge of terrorism and the rise of hackers through social networks have changed the way event organizers should apprehend their event security, so make sure you have all the devices necessary, both virtually and on the ground.

Tip: Not only does a bodyguard reassure guests, it also creates a sense of privilege. We’re also pretty sure women won’t mind knowing a handsome guy will be looking after them all night long.




Yoga on a rooftop, Silent disco yoga, Office Yoga, Clubbing yoga, Yoga in a weird hot room with all sweaty people. We don’t know how, we don’t know when, but you need to figure out a way to have yoga at your events. Men, Women, kids, everyone loves it. People cannot seem to stop imagining new ways of practicing it. So if you want to be one of the cool guys, have all the instagramers at your event, and be one of the most creative event-organiser in your town, find a damn way to make yoga your new event best friend.  Rooftop yoga for your company summer party, Silent disco yoga at your launch party, Office yoga to relax your employees at your monthly networking drinks. Yoga for you kids’ birthday, yes you read well. Children can benefit from yoga practice. It helps them to succeed not just in school, but also later in life, enhancing concentration and refining coordination.


4. Get your pencils and childhood memories out of the closet


Adults are too serious. Give the best incentive to your guests and give them access to their inner childhood by creating “childhood throwback” activities. It will allow your employees to develop team spirit and reinforce cohesion.

Whether you host a start-up event or your party, let your friends and colleagues express their creative mind on a colourful mural by painting or drawing what they want. The idea is that your guests have to answer a question such as “what is your favourite match moment?” with people drawing their own stories. It might sound old school but hey, everyone loves a good drawing! They can even go home with a piece of the artwork at the end. If that’s not amazing!


5. Who said jumping was only for your kids?


What if you brought your party to a bouncing floor? Rent a venue such as Flip Out, the biggest trampoline park in London, to give a unique aspect to your event. You might regret the many burgers and beers you once had throughout your life when bouncing like crazy but we promise, it’s more than worth it. Basketball slam dunk, massive foam pits, wall running, you’ll never get bored. This kind of event can reinforce team spirit and cohesion within your team, while encouraging fitness. It will also be more likely to attract bloggers and journalists than traditional events, but most importantly, you’ll see your guests like you’ve never seen them before. Faint hearted beware!

6. Like in the movies


Who has never dreamt about having a whole cinema just to themselves? Well now you can! Privatise some hype urban cinemas like the Everyman Cinema for super exclusive events. Have an intimate atmosphere and get to know each other better in this movie-like ambiance.

7. Craziness, we love you.


The quest of eccentricity is endless in the event industry. People are always on the look for the hottest news and stuff to do in London. Speaking about hot.. our last discovery is London’s first naked restaurant Bunyadi. The restaurant which opened in June 2016 already has more than 40,000 people on their waiting list. Seems like Londoners are seeking for new extreme adventures!  Creators want to give customers an experience of true liberation while they are eating a tasty menu.

Pss: Will London and its super open-minded population be the first city hosting a naked event? We shall see…

People are changing the way they organise events, they want it crazier, safer and unique. It’s become harder to get people coming to your events nowadays as tons of them are taking place every day with journalists and bloggers being constantly solicited.  One and only thing will pull you out of the game: think out-of-the-box. Don’t be scared about your creativity, dare!  If you struggle to do so, you can join the Hiroes’ league!  Our job is to constantly offer the most creative and talented service providers for your events.




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